Investing With Us

Through a variety of investment products we strive to help others to reach their investment objectives.  These range from mutual funds geared to individual investors to separately managed accounts aimed at institutional investors.

No matter the size of the account, we maintain a disciplined investment philosophy, with the objective of producing a positive, long-term experience for all of our shareholders.

In selecting individual stocks, special emphasis is placed on identifying companies with superior business characteristics and managerial integrity. Price alone cannot compensate for an absence of these qualities. In purchasing equities, we attempt to identify the price at which the market will value the shares three years hence. Because our firm is small, we are not limited to investing in large capitalization companies. We have deployed substantial experience in evaluating small- and mid-cap stocks with the value approach. We buy shares of financially powerful companies when they are out-of-favor and attractively priced, and sell them when they no longer meet our standards. This contrarian discipline reduces the risk of loss while enhancing returns. This approach to value investing has produced very good risk-adjusted returns for clients. We do not worship at the altar of relative performance, but instead strive for attractive absolute returns with low risk. Modest risk incurred is a very important ingredient in the formula. Some managers achieve higher returns, but subject their clients’ assets to significantly greater risks.

Fixed-income securities are often utilized for their defensive characteristics which include predictable income flow and relative principal stability. Based on low historical correlations, fixed income securities may provide a hedge in periods when the stock market performs poorly.  The Firm actively manages high-grade fixed-income portfolios with an emphasis on intermediate and shorter durations.  We also employ sector, credit, and yield curve analysis designed to benefit portfolios from rate shifts and spread changes without resorting to excessive swapping to capture tiny price fluctuations.  Quality is paramount in our selection process and we avoid junk bonds, mortgages and derivatives.






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